In the past, getting out on the water not only meant the tremendous expense of boat ownership, but also hours of work taking care of your new purchase. Now, Blackfish Marine Yacht Charters offers you an easier and more practical way to explore every destination you’ve dreamed of.

You can enjoy year-round boating without the expense and responsibilities of traditional boat ownership, with the BPYC program you share the yacht of your choice. You’ll be able to make reservations for your boat months or minutes in advance and use it for a week long cruise to the San Juan Islands, Desolation Sound or an afternoon sail to Bowen Island.

In the past, getting out on the water not only meant the tremendous expense of boat ownership, but also hours of work taking care of your new purchase. Now, Blackfish Marine Yacht Charters offers you an easier and more practical way to explore every destination you’ve dreamed of.

Select The Program That Fits Your Needs, Fixed & Variable Yacht Shared Explained.

Thank you very much for your interest in our yacht shared program. We have both, sail and power boats available in our programs. We offer two yacht share options which are, the Fixed Shared Program and the Variable Shared Program. 

Fixed Shared Program

The difference is that the “Fixed Shared Program” offers 32 days of usage on the boat of your choice. The 32 days will have to be divided up into the four calendar quarters, meaning that you will collect 8 days of boating time per quarter. You are able to combine two calendar quarters together and during the shoulder period of the two quarters. An example would be, April/May/June to July/August/September, at the end of June and in the beginning of July, collect 16 days by adding the two 8 day period’s together.

Variable Shared Program

The “Variable Shared Program” allows you to choose the amount of days you want, 20 or more and use up to half of them in our peak summer quarter (July to September) and the other half at any time during the remaining 9 months of the year.

You can pre-book up to 10 months in advance so you are able to schedule your summer on the water or you can also book last minute if the yacht is available. There are a few booking restrictions that help to ensure that all members get an opportunity to book long weekends and other peak times. Our pricing chart is listed below:

Upon registering into our yacht shared program, a one time, non-refundable membership fee is required. A security deposit will have to be posted, this is a fully refundable deposit provided in hopes that you do not damage the boat. This deposit will stay with BPYC for the duration of the yacht sharing program. A monthly fee is required for the use of the yacht, that fee is determined by the yacht chosen and the total number of days that you commit to the program. You also have an option to add additional days at 20% off the daily rate. The yacht shared contract is based on one year, if you decide that you are interested in a second year then a new contract is signed. This allows you to try a different yacht for the second year or stay on the same one.


BPYC offers you fully equipped, first class sail and power yachts. All boats come with galley equipment, dinghies, heaters, electronics, VHF radios, anchors, and safety gear. Most have stereos, hot showers, dodgers, barbeques and many other extras.


When you join the Blackfish Marine Yacht Sharing Program, you receive in-depth instruction on your boat with one of our instructors. The instructor will take the necessary time to completely familiarize you with the yacht, then it’s time to take your friends and family and create long lasting memories that will last a lifetime.


Over 18 years ago, our Seattle affiliate developed a unique concept in boating – the original yacht share program. Now there are many enthusiastic members who experience cruising in first-class sail and power yachts for only a modest cost and none of the headaches associated with traditional boat ownership .


You will find that Blackfish Marine Yacht Charter Yachts are fully maintained in excellent condition and can assure you your yacht will receive regular maintenance and the best insurance coverage.


That’s right, the cost of sharing a first class yacht starts at only $450 a month. No long term obligations, no high ownership costs, just a modest one time membership fee, a refundable damage deposit and one monthly payment that covers your maintenance, moorage, insurance and your share on the boat of your dreams. BPYC is dedicated to making it happen so you can discover new and lasting memories.